Septic, Sewer & Water

Septic, Sewer & Water

It’s a messy business, but where public water and sewer systems aren’t present, Septic Systems are needed. These systems need to not only meet safety and health standards, but they need to be maintained and cleaned. It’s another area where Acome Construction has you covered.

Much of our work in septic system installation, repair and emptying is in Niagara and Orleans counties, and Acome is one of a handful of businesses that are certified by the Niagara County Health Department. We are also licensed by the United States government for septic work on federal properties.

Septic systems are designed on paper or software before they become a reality, requiring approval from a licensed architect and municipality before construction and installation. We’ve become accustomed to working with these entities over the years, and they know our professionals are up to the task. 

*Installation *Service *Pumping Systems *Cleaning *Repair

Acome Construction provides these services for both traditional and more modern sand-filter septic systems.

In most areas of Western New York, residents and businesses enjoy public water and sewer services, and Acome Construction also excels in this area. We install sewer and water mains, helping to build and repair sanitary storm sewer systems and connecting them with municipal lines. There are no wastewater, sump pump or storm runoff projects we can’t handle. Please call us today to schedule your service!

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